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Our Featured Book

We Are Black, We Are White


     by Michael J. Malone       

We are Black, We are White details the 30-plus years of New York City's Village Lions Rugby Club, from the team's launch at the hands of Irish rugby zealot Alan Whelan, to its arrival in the premiere division, its rough times, and reemergence among the elite rugby clubs in America. 

The book also examines the debut of the club's women's team in 2000, and the "Leonas" playing on a national championship stage not long after launch. 

Amidst all the rugby action, the Village Lions, men and women, offered players from all over the world a home base in the big city--mates to have a pint with, and friends for life.

Well Lit News

Publishers Weekly Reviews Malone’s ‘Betsy Town’

Betsy Town, the third novel in Michael J. Malone’s Tompkins Trilogy series, was reviewed in Publishers Weekly. The book depicts the misadventures of David; three decades earlier, his distraught mother held him in her arms as she stood in front of an approaching train in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The baby survived. As an adult, David struggles to put his mother to rest and get on with his life. 

Said Publishers Weekly, “In a scattered narrative voice, David recounts his visits to Elizabeth, which he keeps secret from his fiancée the way another man might an infidelity.”​


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Our Featured Author

Michael J. Malone


Michael J. Malone’s fiction appears in the 2013 Westchester Review.  His journalism has been published in The New York Times, Playboy,, Rugby Magazine and New York Magazine. Malone's debut novel, No Never No More, details a city, and a neighborhood, undergoing momentous transformation.  Part 2 of his Tompkins Trilogy, the novel When I Was Punk captures the colorful history of punk rock and protest in Tompkins Square Park.  Part 3 of the three-novel series, Betsy Town, is published in the fall of 2015.  


An occasional book critic and beer writer, Malone’s Books & Beer show airs twice a month on WVOX and is available in iTunes as Mike Malone’s Books & Beer.  He lives in New York and roots for the Mets.

“Funny, profane, violent, and thoughtful, Declan Coulter, a perpetually hung over, concussed rugby player, is one of the most intriguing characters to ever appear in Tough Guy American Lit.  Malone’s No Never No More is required reading for any dude who’s ever thrown a roundhouse punch or had his heart broken by a dame"    

~ Jay Atkinson, Professor of Journalism, Boston University

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