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Betsy Town

by Michael J. Malone

Betsy Town is the third novel in Michael J. Malone's Tompkins Trilogy.

Three decades ago, a distraught woman stared down an approaching train from the tracks in Elizabeth, New Jersey, infant son in her arms. The baby survived. Growing up in foster care when his father could not shoulder the burden, David Campion has managed to mostly hold it together. But recent developments, including his pending wedding, have compelled David to dig into his mother’s past through those who knew her. David is combating his own grave psychological challenges, and is desperate to hide his increasingly bizarre behavior, including his involvement in the kidnapping of a prominent...

Michael J. Malone’s writing has appeared in The New York Times, Playboy, The Village Voice and Westchester Magazine, and on His non-fiction books include "Notes From the Captain Lawrence Tasting Room," while the novels "No Never No More" and "When I Was Punk" are Parts 1 and 2 of his Tompkins Trilogy, set in Manhattan’s East Village.  He lives in New York.

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