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Publishers Weekly Reviews Malone’s ‘Betsy Town’

Publishers Weekly Reviews Malone’s ‘Betsy Town’

Betsy Town, the third novel in Michael J. Malone’s Tompkins Trilogy series, was reviewed in Publishers Weekly. The book depicts the misadventures of David; three decades earlier, his distraught mother held him in her arms as she stood in front of an approaching train in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The baby survived. As an adult, David struggles to put his mother to rest and get on with his life.

Said Publishers Weekly, “In a scattered narrative voice, David recounts his visits to Elizabeth, which he keeps secret from his fiancée the way another man might an infidelity.”Publishers Weekly notes David’s sorrowful struggles to get his life on track. “David’s fixation with his roots, seedy Betsy Town, and the tragedy that spared his life,” said PW, “lend poignancy to a novel of flailing through crisis and emerging out the other side.”


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