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When I Was Punk

by Michael J. Malone

When I Was Punk, the follow-up to No Never No More and second installment in Michael J. Malone’s Tompkins Trilogy, details the lives of two males living around Tompkins Square Park: homeless teen runaway Fluke and longtime Alphabet City resident Conrad D, who’s recently released from a year-long stint in drug treatment. Fluke steals Conrad’s messenger bag and finds his life story scribbled in a notebook; lonely, Fluke reads it start to finish, and finds peculiar coincidences in their lives that lead to their meeting.


Fluke’s time on the streets is threatened by a pair of terrifying gutter-punks he’s wronged in a caper involving a bogus street drug called Jackrabbit, a gullible lad mag editor and a seemingly feckless private detective.  With a colorful cast and catchy plot, When I Was Punk captures a vibrant neighborhood and the denizens who inhabit it. 

"A master of witty, gritty New York dialogue and storytelling, Malone forges his craft in the muck and mire of New York streets, and you learn about the city while you travel along with his characters in this cunning, amusing and insightful tale.  When I Was Punk offers smart delivery, realistic depictions and one of the most original plots I've read."    


~ Michael Dadich, author of Feathered Quill Award-winning novel The Silver Sphere

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