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We Are Black, We Are White

We are Black, We are White details the 30-plus years of New York City's Village Lions Rugby Club, from the team's launch at the hands of Irish rugby zealot Alan Whelan, to its arrival in the premiere division, its rough times, and reemergence among the elite rugby clubs in America. 

The book also examines the debut of the club's women's team in 2000, and the "Leonas" playing on a national championship stage not long after launch.  Amidst all the rugby action, the Village Lions, men and women, offered players from all over the world a home base in the big city--mates to have a pint with, and friends for life.

No Never, No More

New York City, 1999. Manhattan was undergoing a momentous transformation: crime at record lows, the city awash in dot-com buzz, and young professionals taking over the city’s sketchier precincts – and pushing longtime residents further to the fringes.  Yet some things stayed the same. Declan Coulter, raised by his fiery Belfast-born mother in an Alphabet City tenement, is a holdout to an earlier era. He’s an urban hick who refuses to...

When I Was Punk

When I Was Punk, the follow-up to No Never, No More and second installment in Michael J. Malone’s Tompkins Trilogy, details the lives of two males living around Tompkins Square Park: homeless teen runaway Fluke and longtime Alphabet City resident Conrad D, who’s recently released from a year-long stint in drug treatment. Fluke steals Conrad’s messenger bag and finds...

Betsy Town

Betsy Town, the third installment of Michael J. Malone’s Tompkins Trilogy, will be published by Well Lit Books this fall.  The follow-up to No Never, No More and When I Was Punk, Betsy Town is part three of the loosely connected trio of novels set around Tompkins Square Park on Manhattan’s lively Lower East Side.  Betsy Town splits its time between Alphabet City in New York and Elizabeth, New Jersey. Three decades before the book’s beginning, a distraught woman stared down an approaching train...

The New York Commuter's Glossary

The New York Commuter's Glossary is a collection of words and phrases - neologisms, mashups, made-up terms - that defines the life of the train commuter into, out of, and around New York City, from the tense fight for leg room with the rider facing you ("kneegotiations") to the...

Notes from the Captain Lawrence Tasting Room

Pale ales and colorful tales—both flow freely at the Captain Lawrence Brewing tasting room in Elmsford, New York. In 66 sharply observed essays, Notes From the Captain Lawrence Tasting Room details the lively cast of characters who come to sample world-class craft beer at one of the East Coast’s finest breweries. Notes From the Captain Lawrence Tasting Room offers snapshots of the denizens who...

Sleep Tight in New York City

Sleep Tight in New York City: Black 47, After 25 Years and 2,500 Shows, Steps Off the Stage.  Black 47 first played in the Bronx in 1989. The band's sound, a mix of Irish traditional, hip-hop and punk, was raw by all accounts.  Twenty five years later...

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